Monday, 5 November 2012

Halloween Trunk or Treat.

Last week we had a 'Trunk or Treat' at our Church.  It was a real fun night where everyone came and decorated the boots (trunks)  of their cars with Halloween themes and treats.  It was so cool for the kids and a safe way for the kids to do Halloween without having to door knock on strangers doors.   They got ridiculous amounts of sweet treats and were naughty for the rest of the week LOL!  Here are some shots below of some of the decorated cars etc.

This trunk had those cool blood bag thingys hanging around the top

The Donson's trunk - winners of the best trunk of the night. The Kids had to throw a ball into the mouth as 'Thriller' music was playing in this car and if they got it in they got a treat.  Look at these photos below of the crazy Donson Duo,  they are honestly CRAZY!!!  (So funny)

The Walters prison trunk

Baby Jane Convict below.

Cameron Vos's trunk that the kids actually had to climb into and they all jumped out smartly too!   Apparently there was a hand that grabbed you once you climbed in.  Niwa was not impressed with this trunk  LOL.

Renee and her yummy boys below!  So handsome!

Me,  Renee and Nix below.

They had a BBQ on the night and my Friend Renee got her sister to take a photo of it.  This is her entry on her blog below regarding the shot  (  Yes Renee He is 'HOT' for sure!  he he! ........................

This one's for you Bex :) I told Rochelle to take a photo of the bbq & this is what she got lol. You already knew your hubby was HOT though aye!

Mac and Niwa below,  such little TUTUs  always up to  mischief! 
 (But oh so yummy, that they never get in trouble)!

Ashton Mummy Below - His eye makeup was freaky.

The local community constables on duty for the night.  Mate they were going around hand cuffing everyone,  flip they were tough on the old rules!

Bob the Builder with his newly claimed Toffee Apple.  Sugar Heaven!

Zoram Spellman - The Incredible Hulk above.

Jessy Girl and Niwa above

Niwa with Constable Seini above.  

Witchy Poo Terina above and her with  Ashton below.

Niwa with Vanessa and Mai Mai below.

Niwa and Neveah below.  She looks way to angelic for him!!

The prizes that they handed out at the end of the evening.  It was such an amazing effort put forward by everyone!  We are so blessed to have such great people we associate with who are so out to make life cool for our kids.  So many people are anti Halloween and I can appreciate why but this much fun for the kids with heaps of Adult input and support can only be a hugely positive thing.

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