Thursday 29 November 2012


After many months of waiting and wondering regarding my Dad's cancer Mum, Aaron (my brother), and myself went to the Oncologist appointment on Monday.  Dad was meant to come too but he was too sick to leave the house.  We were basically told he has High Grade Neuroendocrine Cancer which is very fast growing.  This is not related to the prostate cancer and they are not 100% sure where it has come from but they are suggesting that it has possibly come from the appendix.  Anyway it has got to his Lungs, Liver, Ribs, Brain, Bones the works.  They said he will probably only live for a few more weeks and that he probably won't make the new year.   This explains why he has gone down hill so incredibly fast these past few weeks.  He has gone from taking Arama to school each day three weeks ago to not being able to even talk, walk, eat etc.  So we have all been on a very emotional roller coaster since then and it has been tough.  HOWEVER,  we have also had some beautiful tender moments together as a family and our faith in what we know has been strengthened more than ever before.  Keith and I sat in bed the other night talking about how we have so so much.  We may not have much in the way of worldly money and riches but we have our Faith in the Plan of Happiness that surely promises that we will be able to live eternally with God and our Loved ones.

Dad is not one to talk about his thoughts about such things and he is still struggling so much with the fact that he is dying.  It is literally torture for him to think about leaving mum behind and not being able to do the things in life that he has always done and loves doing anymore.  I have been praying that we will have some spiritual special moments as a family together so we are lifted up so that our burdens are lightened.  I have also been waiting for the right moment to tell Dad that I know he will be okay on the other side until we meet up with him again one day.   I have also been mindful of not wanting to upset him in the process though as he really doesn't want to talk about dying,  I think he is never loosing hope of the fact that a miracle might happen or that perhaps this is just a bad dream.

Every day this week we have taken one of our kids to be with him one on one.  Terina hadn't had her turn so last night we told her it was her turn.  She did up a lovely card for him which I will take a photo of and stick on my blog soon.  She wrote on it.  "I love you Poppa, and I love how you always keep winning your bowls!"  Keith and her went over as I had been there all day.  He was in his room watching tv and mum and Aunty Colleen (his sister)  were on his bed watching tv with him.
Terina Sat down with him on his bed and started giving him a 'Mirimiri' (rubbing him), and asking him, "Does that feel good Poppa?"  He gave her the 'Thumbs up' sign.  Then she said to him,  "Poppa you know when you die,  you are going to go to a better place!"  He whispered to her,  "Tell me about it please."  She said, "You are going to be so happy there Poppa and you will meet your parents and your baby twin sisters who died just after they were born and all the cool singers in this world like Michael Jackson and Uncle Ricky."  She then asked him if he would like a blessing and she said my dad will give you a blessing,  she told him about a time when she was sick and her dad gave her a blessing and she got better.  It was a real 'out of the mouth of babes' experience and she just said it how it was without worrying about how she said things she just shared from her heart what she really believed.

Keith and her were only gone for about half an hour and as soon as she came in the door she came running to me telling me everything that she said and everything that Poppa did. Keith told me that it was a totally magic moment.   As a family we joined together in prayer and thanked Heavenly Father for our faith in him and his plan.  What a blessing it is to truely believe in a sure Plan of Peace and Happiness that lasts forever not just for this life time.

Just before I got into bed I got this text from mum.

"Terina was amazing  her little speech she made was just so from the heart.  She was so sincere and beautiful.  Aunty Colleen has sent all details to Ken she was so impressed by what she said especially when she said that it was okay if Poppa was going to die as he would be with the Heavenly Father and Michael Jackson and Uncle Ricky.  What a gem!  Lots of Aroha mum."

I have loved some of the sacred moments I have had with Dad these past few days.  I love it how when he holds my hand he rubs it up and down with his fingers and he often squeezes my hand hard.  It is so special how sometimes you don't need to say any words but you are still communicating.


Monday 12 November 2012


Niwa is such an outdoor kid!!   He loves helping his daddy in the garden.  We have spent the last few weekends in our yard and the kids have been loving it.   Here are some photos of Niwa this past weekend.  Whenever I mow the lawns he wants to do it with me and he is so cute.  He gets his little boots on and puts on his dads ear muffs or safety helmet.  He is so yummy!

We got our Big Boy to help clean up some of the cabbage tree leaves on Saturday when his friend was here.  Lots of moans came out of his mouth before he finally lifted a finger to help.  His friend did most of the work as he kindly held the bag open for him LOL!

The photos below are of last weekend when we started our vege garden planting etc.  Terina and Niwa were so into it!  I think Arama was probably having a great time on his I Pad inside.  LOL!

Look at Daddy go,  as usual he is working hard!

Sunday 11 November 2012


Last Monday night for Family night we had Fireworks.  November the 5th is my mum’s birthday and we ALWAYS have a special dinner and fireworks  for My special mum’s birthday.  But this year dad is very sick and so there is no way he can handle being around our rowdy lot so we were a little sad to not be keeping up our family tradition.  HOWEVER … next best thing was my ‘bestie’ Nix and her family coming over for fireworks.  We had decided the night before that we would just keep it simple and have sausages and bread only!   LOL,  I worked that day and only got home about 5pm but by 6pm check out the feed that Nix and I have whipped up  ( ha ha so much for sausages and bread)!

The 'Royal Couple'  madly in love as usual.  
Check out the eyes,  'Peautiful'!

Throw the kids outside to eat, thats the one  LOL!

I made a cake for mum and we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her even though she wasn’t able to be here,  we really wanted her to know that we love her and remember her on this special day!  If you are reading this mum.  “You’re the greatest mummy eva”!   

Nanny even made 'Jelly oranges' for the kids See Nikau trying to grab one off Matt and Missy Hall with one stuffed in her mouth!

Mum kindly bought all the fireworks for the kids this night as she didn’t want the kids to go without and being the stingy one that I am,  she probably  knew that I wouldn’t want to waste my money  on fireworks.  So thanks mum for our cool fun night!  See the photo below of Matt Goofing off by Carl.

See Nikau below,  he didn't want to be outside so they had to sit behind the
 ranch slider window  all night he is so yummy cute. 


 Nikau plucked up the courage to come outside for the Sparklers.

Monday 5 November 2012

Halloween Trunk or Treat.

Last week we had a 'Trunk or Treat' at our Church.  It was a real fun night where everyone came and decorated the boots (trunks)  of their cars with Halloween themes and treats.  It was so cool for the kids and a safe way for the kids to do Halloween without having to door knock on strangers doors.   They got ridiculous amounts of sweet treats and were naughty for the rest of the week LOL!  Here are some shots below of some of the decorated cars etc.

This trunk had those cool blood bag thingys hanging around the top

The Donson's trunk - winners of the best trunk of the night. The Kids had to throw a ball into the mouth as 'Thriller' music was playing in this car and if they got it in they got a treat.  Look at these photos below of the crazy Donson Duo,  they are honestly CRAZY!!!  (So funny)

The Walters prison trunk

Baby Jane Convict below.

Cameron Vos's trunk that the kids actually had to climb into and they all jumped out smartly too!   Apparently there was a hand that grabbed you once you climbed in.  Niwa was not impressed with this trunk  LOL.

Renee and her yummy boys below!  So handsome!

Me,  Renee and Nix below.

They had a BBQ on the night and my Friend Renee got her sister to take a photo of it.  This is her entry on her blog below regarding the shot  (  Yes Renee He is 'HOT' for sure!  he he! ........................

This one's for you Bex :) I told Rochelle to take a photo of the bbq & this is what she got lol. You already knew your hubby was HOT though aye!

Mac and Niwa below,  such little TUTUs  always up to  mischief! 
 (But oh so yummy, that they never get in trouble)!

Ashton Mummy Below - His eye makeup was freaky.

The local community constables on duty for the night.  Mate they were going around hand cuffing everyone,  flip they were tough on the old rules!

Bob the Builder with his newly claimed Toffee Apple.  Sugar Heaven!

Zoram Spellman - The Incredible Hulk above.

Jessy Girl and Niwa above

Niwa with Constable Seini above.  

Witchy Poo Terina above and her with  Ashton below.

Niwa with Vanessa and Mai Mai below.

Niwa and Neveah below.  She looks way to angelic for him!!

The prizes that they handed out at the end of the evening.  It was such an amazing effort put forward by everyone!  We are so blessed to have such great people we associate with who are so out to make life cool for our kids.  So many people are anti Halloween and I can appreciate why but this much fun for the kids with heaps of Adult input and support can only be a hugely positive thing.